How to Prevent Bedbugs

Keep up with your cleaning! Control bedbugs by prevention. Thwart their influx and curb their opportunity to spread and invade your home or facility. Bedbugs travel fast and light- skimming through airports embedded in luggage, backpacks and clothing- they are the stealth commandos of the insect world. They move from one continent to another with effortless ease, and unfortunately become well established before making their presence known. Moteliers and accommodation venue managers should be meticulous in cleaning their premises- the adverse publicity of bedbugs is something no venue wants.

If you clean and sanitise your bedding- sheets, pillowcases, pillows, mattresses and bases regularly with dry steam vapour- you'll be ahead of the curve. Regular cleaning is something you should do as a matter of routine- and with no extra effort required to prevent bed bug invasions, maintaing the routine is simple. Bedding is ready for use almost instantly. Compared with the laborious process of washing in hot water, soaking, then drying- the cleaning system based on dry steam vapour is the answer.

Using Dry Steam Vapour Cleaning Equipment Prevents Bedbug Outbreaks

The beauty of dry steam vapour is that it is a natural, powerful way to destroy bedbugs dust mites and lice- as well as their nests and eggs. The steam is heated to around 170 degrees Celsius, and exits the nozzle of the wand at high pressure. The result is instant destruction of parasites- as well as complete cleaning of dirt, mould, dust, grime and embedded dirt. Bring an end to bedbug problems. Block them with regular cleaning. Enjoy professional results every time- as documented in these bedbug cleaning case studies from our customers. Utilize the ability of dry steam vapour to clean and restore freshness to any surface- whether it's in the home, motel aged accommodation or care facility. Check out our range of suitable bedbug control and cleaning equipment.

Infesting furniture Read More

Furniture is Vulnerable

Bedbugs invade furniture, hiding in between upholstery and frames.

Bedbug Life Stages Read More

Life Stages of Bedbugs

Steam vapour destroys bedbugs at any stage of their lives- from eggs to adulthood.

Bedbug nest and eggs Read More

Steam Vapour Destroys Nests

Bedbug nest, with eggs. These can be found in furniture, upholstery and bed frames.