Get Rid of Bedbugs Fast- Without Chemicals

Destroy Bedbugs and Nests

Here is the most effective method destroy all bedbugs, larvae, and nests- as well as their partners in trespass- fleas, dust mites and lice. The steps we outline here are more powerful than sprays or powders.

With typical sprays and powders- 100% coverage is difficult to achieve, because the low profile of these parasites enables them to hide in crevices and holes where pesticides might not necessarily reach. Bedbugs have developed resistance to some pesticides too- so the effectiveness of chemicals used to combat bedbugs has been reduced.

A Powerful Natural Remedy

Dry steam vapour- superheated to around 180 degrees Celsius exits the discharge outlet of the machine, killing bedbugs, lice, parasites, fleas and dust mites immediately on contact. The output pressure- up to 15 bar in some cases- is so powerful, the steam jet penetrates into the creases of mattresses, bedding, window dressings and furniture. The sheer heat destroys all parasitic life on contact, much like using a sledge hammer to drive a nail.

Clean All Bedding, Floors, Upholstery and Furniture to Destroy Bedbug Colonies

Bedbugs can enter your home- that's unavoidable. Regular cleaning with dry steam vapour requires little effort- and is the surest way of stopping all bugs, lice and mites dead in their tracks- literally. Studies in London have determined that bedbugs have been developing resistance to pesticides, since the 1940s. They are powerless against the intense heat of vapourised steam.
Dry steam is an effective way to clean all household surfaces, including upholstery, floors furniture and touch points in bathrooms and kitchens. Once you utilize dry steam vapour cleaning equipment as part of your domestic or commercial property sanitising routine, bedbug prevention and outbreak management will be automatic.

A Welcome Change to Your Cleaning Routine

Your cleaning- whether it's within your home, aged accommodation facility, backpacker hostel or motel- will be more thorough, quicker and save you money over time, compared to any other method or system. Dry steam vapour only needs water and power- and the machines operate on only a couple of litres of water per hour. Read about the best cleaning equipment to use in the fight against bedbugs. Reduce or avoid the risk of bedbug outbreaks or invasion.

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Adult Bedbug- 5mm Long

Difficult to see- especially when young. They're no match for super heated steam vapour!

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Easily Clean Your Mattress

Use dry steam vapour to regularly sanitize bedding. Prevent bedbug outbreaks and infestation.

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Kill Dust Mites Too

Kill dust mites too. These are also vulnerable to super heated steam vapour.