Examples of Successful Bedbug Control

Who has been able to kill bedbugs successfully? People who have used high temperature, super heated pressurized steam vapour have been extremely successful in completely eliminating bedbugs and preventing them from getting re-established within the venue or facility. Moteliers have sent us words of praise, for our dry steam vapour cleaning equipment, with specialised fittings successfully deployed in a bedbug cleaning program in a 36 room motel:

I wanted to let you know that we were able to deep clean all the rooms in our motel, and we are now free of bed bugs. Staff found the equipment easy to use and handle throughout the premises- up stairs and down the corridors. We turned the mattresses, steamed every piece of exposed fabric- and by the time we had done a row of rooms, the first one was dry and ready for occupancy. Really it took no extra time- it just meant letting the bedding and upholstery dry in between doing other rooms. It dried within minutes. Then we came back and made it all up ready for the next guest.

And from this aged care hostel owner, came the following recount of how our dry steam vapour cleaning equipment was 100% effective in destroying bed bugs that had been around for years:

We were at our wits' end with these bed bugs, and saw the move to your equipment as a last resort. I found it hard to comprehend, that the answer to the problem, would not involve chemicals. We were at risk of a health department shut-down. Over the course of a fortnight, we cleaned the whole place twice- all the common areas, residents' rooms, beds and furniture. We did the upholstery, curtains, drapes and all the floors. The steam cleaner was used as the sole piece of equipment, all we did was swap brushes and nozzles. Our blocks are all bedbug free- we have made the switch to dry steam vapour as a permanent cleaning system. It's been almost a year now and things are going well. Thank you.

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