Best Management Strategies for Bedbug Outbreaks

Your bedbug killing machineIt's important to move quickly once a bedbug outbreak has been detected. Bugs can arrive within your home literally by hitching a ride with a carrier. It could be you, a friend or family member, a treasured family pet- or a piece of luggage or apparel that's been on an infested surface. Any outbreak is potentially serious. Given that adult bedbugs survive without food for up to 18 months- it goes without saying that they are built tough- to endure harsh conditions.

Ideally Clean the Complete Home

Bedbugs, dust mites, fleas and lice all have the ability to wait out an invasion of powder or spray. If an environment is too toxic, they'll simply wait until conditions are right before moving in. That's why it's important to sanitise your entire home and furnishings- window dressings, bedding, floors and all. If you were to follow the remedies shown in the graphic on this page (sourced from slide share), you'd never get it done. Two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and equal parts of water and vinegar? The volatility would be different if 250ml water and vinegar were mixed- as opposed to 3 liters of each. There is no mention of what quantities of water and vinegar should be used, in the graphic- so how can you possibly trust what it says?

Bedbug outbreak prevention should be an integral pert of any cleaning schedule. By using chemical-free methods, you maintain an environment within the home, motel or hostel that is safe for people. A space which doesn't become more of a health hazard every time it gets cleaned- because perfect results are achieved without any chemicals whatsoever. Click here to read about the best cleaning equipment for domestic and commercial use, which kills and prevents bedbugs. It uses nothing but water, super-heated into a dry steam vapour which kills bugs, pupae and eggs instantly, on contact.

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Masters of Evasion

Bedbugs have a low profile. This means they can hide to avoid pesticide sprays.

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Voracious Feeders

Bedbugs, mites and lice all love human blood. This critter just had a feed on someone.

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Effective Treatment

Use the amazing power of dry steam vapour, super heated to 170 degrees Celsius.