Equipment for Total Bedbug Control

All the cleaning machines shown here, are commercial grade and suitable for use as your main bedbug control and prevention equipment. Dry steam vapour is superheated- to a point where it exits the machine at around 160 degrees Celsius. The steam comes from tap water, maing it suitable for use throughout any home, hostel, accommodation, healthcare facility or motel. These machines can also be used to clean workshop areas, food handling equipment and kitchens.

What are the Differences Between the Machines

The main variants between the different cleaning machines presented here, are their:

  • boiler capacity
  • ability to accept detergent for injection into the steam vapour
  • output pressure level

Larger boiler capacities mean fewer refill stops during long cleaning runs.

An onboard detergent reservoir means that heavily soiled bedding, floor or upholstery can be thoroughly cleaned with less effort, by including detergent into the steam vapour output.

Output pressure level refers to the intensity at which the steam exits the machine. Higher delivery pressures, mean the steam has greater dirt or grease displacement ability. If you're likely to use the same machine throughout residential and workshop or commercial food handling areas like kitchens, or motel restaurants- then higher output pressure would be an advantage.

It all comes down to your workload, staff resources, and budget.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Equipment Suitable for Controlling BedBugs


Clean all your rooms, bedding, furniture and floors easily, and get rid of bedbugs, nests larvae and eggs. Here's a portable steam cleaning machine, ideally suited to the task.

Agile, Compact- and Ready to Work


High powered steam vacuum, destroys all bedbugs and their nests, by blasting superheated dry steam vapour, into places conventional sprays or powders will never reach.

Your bedbug killing machine


Steam vapour is heated to 170 degrees Celsius. High output pressure ensures the steam penetrates places where bedbugs hide, making it impossible to escape or survive.

wet-dry vacuum cleaning machine, ideal for bedbug control


No chemicals- so the bedding is not contaminated from the treatment. Bedbugs don't develop resistance to 170 degrees Celsius steam. It works every time.

Win the fight against bedbugs- kill them with high powered dry steam vapour


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