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Welcome to the comprehensive, dedicated information portal showing you effective methods for the prevention and reversal of bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can be controlled naturally, without the need for harsh chemicals. Our recommendations work equally well for fleas, lice and dust mites- as well as all other parasitic insects.

The techniques we outline here, can be used to quickly kill and confidently manage bed bugs in mattresses and bedding, as well as furniture upholstery and fittings. Bed bugs don't just arrive in your bed- they could enter your home via people, pets, luggage or clothing- and progressively make their way to your mattresses or bedding.

Bed bugs occur with greater frequency in developing countries- and are quickly spread by travelers returning home to developed nations. A suitcase placed on the floor can quickly attract bedbugs, who make their way on the flight home, and take up residence in their new country. They survice chemical dust, because their low, flat profile enables them to hide in crevices and folds of fabric where dust and sprays don't reach, during surface treatment.

Specks With Legs Read More

Specks With Legs

Tiny little parasites cause havoc, disrupting your once peaceful sleep.

Flat Profile Read More

Flat Profile

Designed to hide, these little critters, along with fleas, mites and lice- avoid sprays and powder.

They're Tough Read More

They're Tough

Bedbugs are the ninjas of the insect world. Only steam kills them quickly.

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  • The wet vacuum system was the answer to the plague of bedbugs which had hit my venue. Thorough cleaning is done as a matter of routine, using our new steam cleaning equipment.
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